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#StopArmingIsrael: No more war crimes!

Interference by imperialist countries and capitalist organisations in the Israel-Palestine conflict in the Middle East has caused killings and displacement. Against this backdrop, which has lasted for more than a century, a protest is being organised in London for 14 September.


Juanjo Andrés Cuervo


By way of a declaration signed by Arthur Balfour, then British Foreign Secretary, in 1917, a section of Palestinian land was designated with the aim of establishing a home for the Jewish people.

Since then, the region has experienced instability, and following the creation of Israel in 1948, the economic interests of varied world powers have intensified a conflict which looks to be interminable.

The United States continues to provide economic support to the Israelis, whilst on the other hand, Arabs and non-Jewish Palestinians living in Palestine feel a sense of loss about the situation.

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They decry that, after the war that sputtered out following the creation of Israel, disaster was unleashed in the form of an endless conflict. In fact, many Palestinians demand an apology from the UK for what happened.

Meanwhile, the financial organisation HSBC, one of the largest in the world, invests in and delivers financial services for companies that sell military technologies and weapons to Israel.

In this way, the government of this country has been used to commit war crimes and thereby break international law.

Among others, this includes an investment of almost 100 million in the company Caterpillar known to sell steamrollers to Israel where they are converted into weapons to kill Palestinians in the region. They also destroy homes, schools and villages.

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50,000 homes destroyed

In response, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has organised #StopArmingIsrael. Figures show that the Israeli armed forces have razed near to 50,000 houses belonging to Palestinians since 1967.

From the United Kingdom, this organisation – the largest in the country fighting for human rights in Palestine – works towards achieving peace, equality and justice against a backdrop of threats that  include racism, xenophobia and colonisation.

Not long ago, the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas met with Angela Merkel in Berlin to discuss the conflict with Israel.

There, the leader of this Middle East country asked Europe to be part of the peace process, arguing that the United States has not been able to take a neutral stance throughout the war between the two countries.

When and where: 14 September at 9 am, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, WC1N 3XX, London. Contact: Register here: More information click here.

(Translated by Elizabeth Dann –

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