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The Amazon in flames: chronicle of an attack foretold

The ferocious blaze in the Amazon in Brazil, which has been burning since the 10th August, was premeditated, according to investigators, as there were fires set simultaneously in different places.


Stella Calloni


Meanwhile, President Jair Bolsonaro has not only not taken the necessary steps to control the situation, but has used this tragedy to blame environmentalists and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and especially unleashed his hatred for the indigenous peoples, who have been brutally attacked by the head of state and threatened with “annihilation”.

Since he came to power, he has made clear his project to convert the Amazon into a type of great empire of transnationals. The devastating blaze is a predatory action on a high level, and as the experts point out: fires are always a product of human action, whether it is accidental or deliberate.

Nobody is unaware of the ambitious plans made by the hegemonic power to take control of the Amazon, which featured in United States text books as a territory under their control, for the “preservation” of the environment. Furthermore, the actions of many NGOs are known, reliant on all kinds of Foundations which make use of the hegemonic power for their various forms of counterinsurgency wars, which they apply against our countries and which have invaded and silently spread throughout the length and breadth of Latin America.

These days the fires are under suspicion, especially following the detention in Chile of Israeli soldier, Rotem Singer, supposedly on holiday, as mastermind of the catastrophe in the Torres del Paine National Park, the Biosphere Reserve in Chilean Patagonia, in 2012, when the flames burned some 17,000 hectares.

Singer reached an agreement to avoid trial by paying 10,000 dollars (approximately 7,530 euros) and helping in a reforestation campaign. He signed on to work “as a volunteer for between one and two years for the global NGO ‘Keren Kayemet LeIsrael’”, specialising in reforestation and which has a delegation in Chile. Wolves looking after the sheep.

The fires in Chile and Argentina have been investigated but, in general, the information is hidden from the public, despite having determined that they had been started by sinister hands, which is environmental terrorism. In the case of Brazil, it has been known for a long time that the excessive ambition of the large transnationals, one of whose predatory models is called Monsanto, which has unfortunately entered our lands, using corruption and a range of weapons of imperial power…

That Bolsonaro maintains that his country does not have what is necessary to face this situation, is incredible. “The Amazon is bigger than Europe, how are they going to control the fires in this area?”, he said as he publicly confessed that the Ministry of Justice does not have enough personnel to investigate how the fires started.

Nevertheless, he maintained that those fires could have been caused by the opposition to his government and that many of the NGOs had stopped receiving money from Germany and Norway and “as they are unemployed, they want to knock me off course”.

Another of his hypotheses is that it could be “farmers or Indians” and he also alluded to the cattle ranchers, who make up elite groups on the right that support them.

While this is happening with the president, his civil servants as well as the mass media have silenced the tragedy for too long, which is also another form of environmental terrorism. This makes them complicit in this new crime against nature and thousands of native people, whose home is the immense and living rainforest.

There is deep suspicion that Bolsonaro’s supposed indifference to the situation in the Amazon is part of his plans to “cleanse” this region and about the “need to annihilate” the indigenous communities; also the black population, poor people, homosexuals, communists, and the list goes on.

Nothing could be better than a predatory and “purifying” fire, according to his “evangelical” commands, to fulfil his promises, especially to the United States President and Israeli Prime Minister, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, the latter being the great silent partner who has enormous power over the Brazilian President.

Trying to blame the indigenous peoples, those who he has persecuted since he came to power, referring to them in insulting and outdated, racist terms, is further evidence of his policy of sowing hatred which brings him much closer to his best and most powerful friends.

The native people of the Amazon are the best caretakers of the land and nature. Even in studies, it has been proven that they only take what they need from nature, which is what ensures their existence and survival.

Speeches from leading indigenous women in Brazil’s Congress have been hard-hitting, desperate and very clear with regards to the threat that is turning against them due to the entrance of major mining companies and other businesses and plans that will wind up ending their lives and the so-called lungs of the world.

The reaction from world leaders shows, at the same time, the immense selfishness of their approaches, because they only speak about the damage that this destruction will cause to their countries and at no point can they be heard referring to the thousands of victims: living beings, humans, animals and birds, who maintain the biodiversity.

The silence was only broken when faced with global pressure, and Bolsonaro’s response, as president of a global power, was trying to explain that he does not have the means to tackle this. Meanwhile in Bolivia, President Evo Morales is being an example of what it means to be a head of state who loves his peoples, his land and his neighbours. Faced with the first fire in the Bolivian Amazon region, he immediately appointed a Crisis Committee, putting to work all that his country had available, such as helicopters and planes, as well as hiring the largest aircraft in the world that can be used to put out large fires, and the entire population is united in solidarity.

They are two responses that demonstrate the enormous differences between: a figure whose violent, xenophobic, racist and obviously criminal discourse represent the regional ultraright, the rampant and brutal capitalism of this century which tries to blight the continent under the imperial mandate.

The other one is the figure of the first indigenous leader who led the government in Bolivia, speaking of peace, of reclaiming the rights of the people and the native peoples, violated more than 500 years ago, and also caring deeply about the environment, for “Mother Earth”, showing the world another path between man and nature.

In a report from Brazil, Open Democracy is mentioned, an organisation that claims to have accessed “internal documents from Bolsonaro’s government, which show that the head of state is starting to deploy a project to destroy conservation plans and advance the exploitation of the Amazon”. One of these NGOs whose ulterior motive we already know.

In this case, this NGO referred to some slides where it showed that Bolsonaro’s government used hate speech to “diminish the power of minorities who live in the region” and, in this way, develop “predatory projects that could have a devastating environmental impact on the Amazon”.

One of the government’s priorities is to inhabit “the Amazonian region to avoid the implementation of multilateral projects of forest protection,” maintain Open Democracy and it specifically cites the so-called “Triple A” (Andes, Amazon, Atlantic). This would be an ecological corridor with 135 million hectares of tropical rainforest, and it would join the Andes with the Atlantic, passing through the Amazon.

It has been analysed that the actions of the Brazilian president are designed to avoid projects to conserve and preserve the green lungs. Although this is part of the dark undercurrent which is moving behind colonial ambitions to take over the Amazon, this region can only be looked after as it had been until now, by the legitimate inhabitants for centuries. (PL)

(Translated by Donna Davison – Email: – Photos: Pixabay

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