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What Europe can learn from Latin America and the judicial war

Dilma Rousseff, Lula da Silva, Rafael Correa, Gustavo Petro, Cristina Kirchner. Those are just a few names of a long list of victims accused and found guilty without any real proof, all victims of judicial manipulation. On the 14th of September, Guillaume Long will show how all of this is just what it’s called: lawfare.


Guillaume Long. Photo by Cristina Lago

Nathan Raia


During the past 20 years, Latin America has seen many political and activist leaders become victims of lawfare.

A mechanism that, helped by the media, create a judicial and informational framework to condemn progressive leaders.

This strategy is carried out by conservative forces, backed by the US and Europe.

Thus, having prominent opposition figures in jail, gives power to conservative parties which are free to move and to destroy all the progress that the left brought in South America.

The process that aims to incriminate progressive leaders, starts when the Attorneys General begin an investigation based on some information that they have. Information that has been taken out of context or completely fabricated evidence, that is then illegally leaked to the media.

Photo: Pixabay

In this way, it begins a process of de-legitimation that, with the support of the media, obtains the support of public opinion, and, once in the court, the judges find them guilty without any legal foundation or evidence.

This because the masses have already condemned them. As in the cases of President Lula da Silva in Brazil and Vice-President Jorge Glas in Ecuador, both convicted without any tangible proof of corruption.

Moreover, in recent times, lawfare is being used by a country or an international organisation, to reach and prosecute officials of another country, using and abusinginternational laws.

Guillaume Long, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, will be chairing the conference: “What Europe can learn from Latin America” which is organised by the group Stop International Lawfare and La Comuna en Europa, Grupo Rikchary en Londres and CRC Revolucionari@s UK.

Long served under the presidency of Rafael Correa at first as Minister of Culture and Heritage and later as Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent.

This conference aims to create more awareness regarding the political situation in Larin America and to explain the positive and negative lessons that Europe can learn from it.

After his service as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guillaume became Ecuador’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva. He resigned from this position in January 2018 as a consequence of his strong disagreement with President Moreno.

Date and place: Saturday, 14th September 2019 from 6 pm. to 8 pm. at St John’s Church, Stratford E15 1NG. For further information, please visit the Facebook event page.   

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