What are Multi-Fuel Power Sources and how do they compare?



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There are a lot of things you need to think about when choosing a generator but one factor that is very important to everyone is the fuel their generator uses. Natural gas, diesel, and propane are the most common fuel types and each as its own unique benefits. 

The issue many people had when choosing a fuel for their generator was that they locked themselves out of certain benefits by opting for one specific type of fuel.

Let’s say you get a propane generator it will be quieter, cleaner and quicker to generate power. 

However, a diesel generator will be a more durable, hardier machine when compared to a propane generator.

This is where multi-fuel power sources come in as these offer a solution to this problem. Multi-fuel power sources include dual and tri-fuel generators these as their names imply can take two or three different types of fuel respectively. 

Benefits of Multi-Fuel Generators 

So, now you know more about what multi-fuel generators do let’s look at their benefits in more detail, shall we? The main benefit of multi-fuel power sources is that they can harness many different types of fuel. This means you can get the benefits of different types of fuels with just one generator and it also helps when it comes to getting fuel as well. 

Let’s say you can’t find any diesel with a single-fuel diesel generator you’d be stuck but with a dual or tri-fuel generator, you can just switch to another fuel type. Multi-fuel generators also help when it comes to fuel storage as well and they offer a more flexible and practical solution to anyone looking for a generator. 

They are a more economical option as well because you can utilise many different types of fuels. So, now you know more about their benefits, let’s look at how they compare to single-fuel generators when it comes to energy performance, shall we? 

How do They Compare to Single-Fuel Generators? 

Multi-fuel generators have plenty of benefits but how energy efficient are they compared to single-fuel generators? Many people out there incorrectly think that multi-fuel generators lose some of their efficiency when compared to single-fuel options but this isn’t the case. 

Especially with more modern multi-fuel generators, they are just as fuel-efficient as single-fuel options. So, don’t think a single-fuel generator will be more energy efficient. However, there are some potential issues to consider. Multi-fuel generators will usually have variable wattages let’s say you have a tri-fuel generator with a maximum wattage of 1,500 watts. 

It might only be able to achieve this wattage with one of its fuels if you switch for diesel to natural gas for example then it might only be able to achieve 1,300 watts. Multi-fuel generators are also more complicated to get to grips with as well. 

To find out more information about multi-fuel power sources check out this link – – tri-fuel portable generator. Best has plenty of information about multi-fuel generators including up to date news and reviews for the latest models.



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