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“¡Adelante!”… defending democracy in Latin America

Constant threats from the United States government, silence on the murders in Honduras, the fires in the Amazon and Jair Bolsonaro’s repressive policies are just some of the problems currently experienced by the continent. These will be discussed at the 15th edition of the largest Latin American event in Europe, in which more than 50 speakers will participate. It will take place on 23 November in London.


Juanjo Andrés Cuervo


Despite continuous interference from the United States in Latin America, during the 2000s, the majority of the region’s leaders were left-wing and, therefore, united against the imperialism triggered by their northern neighbours.

The reality now, however, is different and there has been a gradual transition to the right in most of the countries, including Argentina, Ecuador and Chile.

The greatest threat to democracy in recent years was probably when Jair Bolsonaro was appointed president of Brazil, the region’s largest country. In less than a year as the nation’s leader, he has proclaimed himself a clear ally of Donald Trump and his capitalist stance and xenophobic attitude towards members of various communities has earned him high levels of global criticism.

Unfortunately, his alliance with the United States threatens the country’s progressive movements and the disaster in the Amazon has worsened the crisis in the region.

Trump against Latin America

Ever since the United States introduced the economic embargo against Cuba in 1962, the North American country has tried to vilify the nation that confronted it under the leadership of Fidel Castro and that is currently celebrating the 60th anniversary of its revolution.

It has recently implemented Article III of the legislation underpinning the embargo put in place to destroy Cuba’s economy.

The United States national security advisor, John Bolton, has called Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba “tyrannies” and reduced the number of Cubans allowed to visit the country, as well as the amount of money Americans can send to the island.

He has also announced that there will be more reprisals against Venezuela, a growing threat that has caused desolation in the South American country.

According to a report compiled by Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) based in the United States, sanctions on Venezuela have caused more than 40,000 deaths in the country since 2017, all due to the embargo imposed to block access to primary goods, such as food and medicine.

Meanwhile, and in a clear example of the bias of the right-wing press, it has barely been mentioned that the Honduran government, led by Juan Orlando Hernández, has killed demonstrators opposed to his discriminatory regime.

This lack of media coverage is due to the fact that Donald Trump supports the undemocratic measures carried out by the leader of the Latin American country.

However, while Europe wants to force Venezuela to change president, news of what happened in Honduras apparently hasn’t reached the Western press. In the same vein, the Bank of England has confiscated money from Venezuela, while it continues to provide infrastructure to the Honduran regime.

Another country threatened by US imperialism is Bolivia, which is celebrating 194 years of independence.

Before the upcoming October elections, the Washington administration aims to bring Evo Morales’ winning streak as the country’s leader to an end.

Latin America in Europe

Bearing in mind the continent’s current situation, the Latin American ‘¡Adelante!’ Latin America Conference 2019 of which The Prisma is one of the media sponsors-, will explore these issues through union members, activists, academics and members of Parliament.

They will offer a vision for the continent and ways to help free the region from the stranglehold of the United States.

It is the largest Latin American event in Europe and this year will see the 15th edition of the event.

For this reason, more than 50 speakers will participate in around 30 seminars to discuss the political and social reality of Latin America and the Caribbean. As always, there will also be films and discussion sessions.

The former mayor of London, Ken Livingstone; the former minister for social development in Brazil, Tereza Campello; the Cuban ambassador, Teresita Vicente; the Nicaraguan ambassador, Guisell Morales-Echaverry; the Venzuelan ambassador,

Rocío Maneiro; the former Ecuadorian consul, Fidel Narváez and member of the Brazilian Worker’s Party, Julia Felmanas will attend the event, among others.

Date and time: 23 November at 10am. Address: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, NW1 2BJ London. Contact: 020 7490 5715. Tickets, Facebook. More information here.

(Translated by Rachel Hatt – Email: – Photos: Pixabay


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