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Guillaume Vandame and his “Sexy Pizza Dance”

A selection of bold new homoerotic paintings from the series “The Pizza Paintings” and sculptural assemblages made primarily from pizza boxes will be exhibited from 12 September to 28 September at SET Lewisham, London. 


“I started going to therapy in the autumn 2018 and slowly realised that I saw a lot of my life in black and white, either it was a wonderland or totally worthless. This resulted in two distinct bodies of work and, then, I developed a third body of work The Pizza Paintings. I could finally feel a grey area where I could be happy with something just the way it is and not change it. Life was no longer black or white, but red and green coming beautifully together.”

This is what artist Guillaume Vandame says about the origins of his work “Sexy Pizza Dance”, a selection of bold new homoerotic paintings from the artist’s series “The Pizza Paintings” (2018 –) and sculptural assemblages made primarily from pizza boxes.

Since 2017, Vandame has developed a distinct contemporary style merging the Pop sensibilities of Warhol with the immediacy and raw emotion of Abstract-Expressionism, in particular referencing the crudeness of De Kooning and the Color Field paintings of Rothko to create a singular visual aesthetic.

In the autumn 2018, coinciding with the breakdown of an intimate relationship, Vandame took the remains of a used pizza box and a used condom and radically paired them together to make a sculptural assemblage, Homage to the Square (2018), shown here publicly for the first time.

Following another intimate relationship in the early spring 2019, the artist continued to develop a series of pizza box sculptures after each date and pair them with pieces of wood found on his way to and from the studio.

In particular, the artist was inspired by Mono-ha (School of Things), the Japanese art movement in Tokyo which occurred in-tandem with Arte Povera in the 1960s, focusing on an informal attitude towards industrial and natural materials.

Through the prism of Austin Powers and ideas of parody and irony, Vandame created a new style of art, Mojoha, to describe the contemporary queering of everyday and readymade objects for similar sculptural aims.

Drawing parallels between Mono-ha and Arte Povera, Vandame turned to clichéd ideas of romance and Italian culture.

He subsequently realised that some of his homoerotic iPhone drawings inspired by his sexual encounters were made in variations of red and green, similar to the colours in the Italian flag, and in a looser and unfinished style akin to Italian painters such as Giorgio Griffa and the decorating of toppings on a pizza.

Redefining the medium of painting through the push and pull of the mechanical and handmade, these digital drawings were then printed on canvas at the largest size possible, sixty by forty inches, and anonymously produced exclusively with a British supermarket.

Date and venue: Preview: 12 September, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Exhibition from 12 September to 28 September. SET Lewisham, Unit 1, Lewisham Retail Park, Loampit Vale, London, SE13 7RZ. More information:

Information: Press Office – Images: Courtesy of the artist

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