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The fight is on the streets

“With Parliament banned from sitting by the Prime Minister there’s only one way that people can challenge the Tories propaganda blitz in the run-up to a general election”. And that’s by getting on the streets this 29 September in Manchester.


That’s the call made by People’s Assembly Against Austerity, organisation that suggests the very best place to do that is outside the Tory party’s annual conference.

According to them that’s the place where Boris Johnson and his ideological colleagues will be trying to pretend that they have ended austerity.

“But that’s a big fat lie”, says the organisation.

“It would take more than a few pre-election concessions to put right the damage of a dozen years of austerity since the great economic crash. ”

“That’s a dozen years of declining wages, rising poverty, increasing homelessness, of draining resources from the NHS and the education system”, they say

They also argue that “It would not in the interests of Boris Johnson’s rich friends to re-nationalise rail, mail, and essential utilities. They’ll never look after the NHS because they don’t need the NHS to look after them. They go to Harley Street. Their kids don’t go to the local comprehensive school, they’re all packed off to Eton and Harrow”.

And they don’t need a wage rise “because they’ve already had one every year that is many multiples of the rate of inflation”.

They accuse the media of being “complacent and complicit”, that it “will never report that there is not one nation but two, a poor Britain and a rich Britain. That’s the divide that matters, much more than whether you voted leave or remain in the EU referendum”.

People’s Assembly Against Austerity think the labour movement in the United Kingdom “has to lead the fight back. The left has to lead the fight back…before the right capitalises on the raw anger building up at the base of society.”

Because all of that, they are organising the protest “Shut down the Tories” and are inviting people to join them outside the Tory party conference at the end of the month.

“Book your ticket now. Book the coaches now. Help leaflet your local area. Bring your fellow trade unionists. Bring members of your community. Bring members of your mosque or church or synagogue. Bring your workmates and family”, that’s their call.

An this is because “we are in the midst of a political crisis that only comes once a generation. We have a chance to take down the representatives of the rich and powerful who have wreaked havoc in the lives of working people”.

More information: Facebook event, Local coach details, and Assembly Against Austerity.

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