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Climate change, extractivism and resistance

Under this name, and organised by the Plataform 12 October collective, an event that seeks to weave bonds of solidarity with native peoples and raise awareness about the impact of multinationals and the importance of protecting nations’ sovereignty will be held this Saturday in London.


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Under a format which will allow for discussion, deliberation and analysis, the programme includes three themed workshops: “Extractivism, energy and climate change”; “Multinationals and climate change”; and “Resistance and sovereignty”.

In the first one, “Extractivism, energy and climate change”, those communities resisting threats will be discussed.

Those taking charge of proceedings include, among others, Álvaro Ipuana, council leader for the Wayúu Indigenous Reserve of Nuevo Espinal (in the municipality of Barrancas in the department of La Guajira, Colombia), and Catalina Caro, Mining Area Coordinator of CENSAT Agua Viva – Friends of the Earth Colombia.

In the “Multinationals and climate change”  workshop, Democracy for Brazil – UK will discuss “The impact of fire in the Amazon, deforestation, agro-industry and resistance”, and Andy Higginbottom of Kingston University will discuss multinationals and climate change.

In the “Resistance and sovereignty” workshop, we will deal with the topics: “Chile and the Mapuche People, repression and resistance: embroidering to remember ” with the first and second generation of Chilean Exiles, Women political ex-prisoners and their children leading the debate; “Geopolitics of the Amazon – La Chiquitanía, Bolivia”, by Amancay Colque, from Bolivia Solidarity Campaign; and “Venezuela, ‘food sovereignty’ and the blockade “, by the Great Patriotic Pole-UK (GPP).

Who are they?

Plataform October 12 (P12O), is the product of a collaboration between several solidarity groups from different countries – Bolivia Solidarity Campaign (BSC), Colombia Solidarity Campaign (CSC), Grand Patriotic Pole-UK (GPP), People’s Congress – UK Meeting, Michele Bastidas -UK Movement –  which were brought together in the first event which was held in October 2012.

Its work focuses on five topics concerning areas of interest for those residing in or outside the United Kingdom where Latin America is the central theme: 1492, the start date for the genocide; The indigenous resistance in Latin America (Abya Yala – Nican Tlaca) continues; The defense of Pachamama (mother earth): ‘No’ to free trade agreements (FTA) and extractive exploitation; For a world without borders – No one is illegal – The fight for immigrant rights continues; and Another world is possible – Fight for a united and free Latin America.

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This year marks the eighth edition of the annual P12O event whose aim – say its organisers – is to continue to support “the resistance of our native peoples and their struggle to defend their lands against extractive exploitation and environmental pollution.”

But its objective is also to contribute to the fight against climate change and defend the rights of living creatures and the planet.

As has happened in previous years, this year key issues that allow awareness to be raised about the strategies employed by neoliberalism and its impact on Latin America, Africa and Asia will be discussed as well as key issues that help to bolster “international support and solidarity to our causes and struggles for a world with equality and freedom”.

Date and place: Saturday, October 12 from 2 pm to 9 pm. SOAS University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russel Square, London, WC1H 0XG. Nearby underground station: Russel Square. For more information visit: and Facebook.

(Translated by Nigel Conibear MCIL)

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