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Lula will never exchange his dignity for freedom

Of all the ways to deceive, the disguise of justice is the one that causes the most damage and the former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio da Silva apparently recognised the expertise of the prosecutors of Operation Car Wash to bewitch, in the art of lying.


Luiz Inácio da Silva

Osvaldo Cardosa


After resorting to multiple tricks to convict and keep Lula in prison, at least 15 public agents of Lava Jato, or Operation Car Wash (including by the coordinator Deltan Dallagnol) on 27th September unexpectedly requested in a signed note that the former unionist be transferred to semi-open imprisonment.

Such a condition would allow the founder of the Workers Party (PT) to get out of jail during the day to go work and return later at night to sleep. Specialists indicate that in this scenario, although the inmate cannot go anywhere, security precautions are lower, with greater freedom of movement, an important instrument of transition to total freedom for the prisoner.

However, convinced of the falsehood and double intention of the attorneys, Lula gave up the benefit to which he was entitled for the remainder of his sentence and called for the full restoration of his freedom.

Once again, he made it clear that he will never exchange his dignity for freedom and will not accept special privileges. In a letter written by him, he points out that Lava Jato prosecutors should apologise to the Brazilian people, “to the millions of unemployed and my family, for the harm they did to democracy, justice and the country”.

He says he showed that the accusations against him are false and the former judge and Justice Minister, Sérgio Moro (who sentenced him), Dallagnol and Lava Jato are the ones who “are imprisoned in the lies they told Brazil and the world.”

The former president acknowledges in the message that he is fully aware of the decisions he made and emphasises that he will not rest until truth and justice prevail again.

Since 7th April of last year, Lula has remained in the prison of the Superintendence of the Federal Police of Curitiba, capital of the southern state of Paraná, to serve a sentence of eight years and 10 months in the so-called Guarujá triplex case.

Without concrete evidence, the former governor is blamed for allegedly receiving a luxury apartment in that private neighbourhood in Sao Paulo in exchange for performing political favours for the OAS construction company, an accusation he has denied at all times.

To make their request for semi-open imprisonment, prosecutors declared that “his good behaviour in the prison was certified (subjective condition) by the Superintendent of the Federal Police in Paraná who heard the defence (formal requirement)”.

The truth is that there is no confidence in the members of the Lava Jato, an operation that is increasingly eroded by the various irregularities that have come to the surface since June in leaks from the website The Intercept.

In addition, the proposal, signed by Dallagnol, also does not respond to Lula’s demand for the complete revocation of his arbitrary arrest.

“Those who offer a half-freedom are the ones who are imprisoning him. President Lula is not in favour of it, he is in favour of his innocence. He said he will not leave here (jail) with his head bowed,” said Emidio de Souza, of the national leadership of the Workers Party, PT.

Former Minister Paulo Vannucnhi said that “Lula promised to charge dearly for the injustice and violence to which he has fallen victim. He will only leave Curitiba with a certificate of innocence. He will not accept any condition that affects his dignity, recognised worldwide.” (PL)

(Translated by Hannah Phelvin – Email: – Photos: Pixabay

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