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“Flora´s Soul”, a piece against consumerism

More and more artists are reconsidering their working methods and materials to counteract the voracious consumer society, and joining that movement is the Mexican Gabriel Sánchez, who also emphasises the essence of life.


Gabriel Sánchez. Photo by Yolaidy Martínez. Prensa Latina

Yolaidy Martínez


The creator has a sui generis project that uses the unique magic of the elements of nature to express emotions and concerns such as the urgency of stopping the deterioration of the planet.

According to Prensa Latina, it arose from the desire to use, recycle and revalue everything that Mother Earth provides.

“I started using the flowers and elements that I had in my house in Acapulco after taking a course in pigments, where we used land, sticks and leaves,” he says. Sanchez confesses that his interest in flowers, specifically the Majagua flower, grew there, and he decided to work with them although experts on the subject advised that they were unstable.

The effort led him to create the Flora´s Soul collection in 2018, where he combines paint made of dyes from that plant species and some acids on handmade Amate paper to recreate figures such as the human form.

The series and the chemical reactions that generate the interaction of all its natural elements captured the attention of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a joint investigation was released to ensure that the flower remains longer on the paper.

Photo: Pixabay

Such uniqueness also earned him the privilege of currently having one of his pieces in the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale show, which runs until 20th September under the motto: “A Colourful World and a Shared Future”.

“Here I talk about the importance of how we, as human beings, should apply ourselves to the conservation of nature, because it is ending, and we are beginning to suffer from the changes in the climate. With what is happening in the Amazon, we have to be aware that without nature there will be no life, we will not have life,” he explains to Prensa Latina.

“My work,” he says, “is not just for contemplation, it is for people to think and to see that it can be recycled, that we can use the elements that we have without contaminating, because as human beings if we do not pay attention to this who knows how much time we can continue here.” Since the pigments have very bright tones to start with which fade over time, the artist illustrates the different phases of life and even the transformation of materials.

Thanks to the opportunity of being present at the Bienniale, Sánchez will exhibit another piece of Flora´s Soul in the Artdes gallery in Beijing between November and February, in the context of a Latin American art show.

Photo: Pixabay

Another work in development are pictures made with footprints to address the issue of migration.

The Bienniale includes 640 works from 113 nations from all continents. The high number of participants responds to the objective of showing the diversity and richness of the world’s different cultures as well as turning the event into a solid platform for cultural exchanges. (PL)

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