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Evo’s victory in Bolivia: the opposition is planning a Coup d’etat’

The Bolivian president, Evo Morales, and his Movement for Socialism (MAS) won with more than half a million votes. Morales described the results of the presidential elections in Bolivia, which took place a week ago, as “a triumph” but he also warned and reported that “a coup d’état is underway. The right is planning a coup with international support”.


“We have secured economic growth, social peace, social justice and equality”, he said but despite this, Morales and his movement have sparked violent attacks.

Morales assures that, for now, in government, they have patiently held on because they do not want to enter into any form of conflict.

“We are fighting against elected candidates, senators and representatives. We are not in colonial times. I am calling upon my supporters to organise themselves, to prepare to defend democracy”, he stated. He blamed the right for the acts of vandalism in the days following the elections in different departments of the country and told them that “you will not be responsible for fighting between Bolivians”.

“Don’t bring hate and disrespect to the poorer sections of society. We are one big family. To ignore the indigenous vote is to revert to racism”, the statesman explained.

On Monday evening, results from an official quick count of the elections held on 20 October indicated that Evo Morales would win the elections in the first round.

With 100% of verified votes, the current president received 47,08 % of the vote. Meanwhile, his main opponent, representative of the Comunidad Ciudadana party, Carlos Mesa, received 36,51 of the vote.

Evo Morales – Photo by Sebastian Baryli.Flickr License Creative Commons

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia has up to six days after the date of the election to deliver the final results.

Why is there talk of planning a coup?

The taking over and setting fire to the Electoral Tribunal Department in Potosí and violent actions against electoral officials in Tarija, Chuquisaca, Oruro and La Paz confirm reports that the United States may be planning a coup in Bolivia.

According to the digital publication, Nicaragua Rebelde, in its article “The Embassy of the United States of America in La Paz continues with its covert operations in Bolivia to support the coup d’état against the president Evo Morales”, in order to justify the implementation of a parallel government in power, the opposition needs to create a climate of instability in the South American country.

With this aim, it adds, opposition forces through civic committees and in alliance with the National Military Coordinator have been preparing a shock troop of young people to carry out violent actions mainly in the cities of Santa Cruz and La Paz.

According to Nicaragua Rebelde, “these groups are strategically placed into protests with orders to provoke violent confrontations with the police (…) and at the same time, the source explains, a military uprising takes place organised by the National Military Coordinator with the support of a union of retired military soldiers in Santa Cruz”.

This city would be the transition government’s headquarters where it would consolidate the opposition plans to divide the country into two fronts: east and west. This will cause chaos and potentially a civil war, Nicaragua Rebelde explains.

Referring to the preparations of this operation, the portal points out that boats carrying weapons and ammunition in containers will leave from Miami and travel towards the Chilean port, Iquique, close to Bolivia. Their contents will be declared as ‘miscellaneous’. The digital media indicates that the embassy has continued with the delivery of weapons and ammunition through secret collaborations and secret meetings with figures in the Bolivian opposition.

On the other hand, the weekly political analysis newspaper, La época, warned of the presence of a team of civil and military experts in Santa Cruz led by George Eli Birnbaun, a North American political consultant who has worked in the Senate in Washington.

In its report, the weekly newspaper explains that Birnbaun has featured in successful military operations in more than 15 opportunities across five continents; he became chief of staff to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and has worked with Arthur Finkestein, a strategist for the Republicans in the United States.

Birnbaun also led the political campaign team for Martha Lucía Ramírez, Vice President of Colombia, who used the ‘fake news’ strategy for her benefit, La Epoca concludes.

The co-director of the Latin American Centre for Strategic Analysis, Álvaro Verzi, sets out the details of Birnbaun’s mission in Santa Cruz in the article “The United States arranges a coup in Bolivia, if there are no votes, appeal to the boots”, published in Rebelión.  (Prensa Latina)

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