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Ethical and independent journalism will continue with The Prisma in 2020

2019 has been marked by events that particularly affected Latin America: the rise and consolidation of right-wing governments, social protests, military repression, the resurgence of indigenous and student protest movements. There have also been economic blockades, interventionism aimed at destabilizing progressive countries and movements, and an increase in violation of human rights and impunity.


In the US the Trump administration has reinforced its anti-immigrant policies, and remained indifferent in the face of protests inside and outside their country.

And in the United Kingdom changes were felt in which activist movements made their voices heard strongly in response to climate change, privatization of the NHS, the uncertainty of the Brexit transition, unemployment, low economic growth and productivity, amongst other issues.

Despite this, the elections were won with a significant majority by the Conservatives, a result that makes many British people as well as immigrants view 2020 with concern and even fear.

The Prisma has reported on all these issues. We always try to inform readers about these issues, in a different way from what is produced by the mass media, often with little regard for the truth.

And of course, we carry exclusive interviews with film-makers, politicians, indigenous leaders, and immigrants of different nationalities, as well as journalists and activists…

But we also continue to publish features, investigations of violations of the rights of immigrants, and we have published exposures and special reports, columns and other kinds of writing.

Altogether a wide range of content that as gained us new readers, and from which we are making a selection during this period, when one year ends and another begins.

And during 2020 we will continue our commitment to independence, truth, multiculturalism with a very special range of contents.

Indeed, the commitment of our very ‘one-of-a-kind’ team at The Prisma – since we are made up entirely of volunteers – is to continue doing the possible and the impossible to offer immigrants, refugees and native communities, (resident both inside and outside the UK), information which is ethical, objective, independent and distinctive. Information about multiculturalism, emigration and immigration, and national and international politics, especially in the UK and Latin America.

The journalists, columnists, translators, proof readers and editors will continue working so that our readers can have access to the professional journalism for which The Prisma is known – until now a unique and pioneering medium in the UK – for its treatment of information on the lives of immigrants and refugees, and always in our two languages: English and Spanish.

The Prisma thanks our readers for being with us, your presence gives us the strength to continue. But above all, we thank each and every one of you who has collaborated with this newspaper, whether by their writing, constructive criticism, technical or professional advice, donations, or time spent translating, correcting, reporting, editing, or finding the means for us to continue. Sincere thanks to everyone, especially the team at The Prisma.

And on behalf of the editorial team, we wish everybody the best for the coming year.

(Translated by Graham Douglas) – Photos: Pixabay

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