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How The Desktop Computer Has Evolved


For many people, a desktop has been a necessary evil for years. Although they are often the most appropriate device for some of the more technically demanding jobs, in the past there have been a lot of downsides to these devices. Luckily in 2021 you can now have a desktop computer without many of the problems they traditionally had. Here is a look at some of the ways the desktop computer has evolved over recent years.

Your desktop no longer takes over your whole desk

Just a few years ago, if you had a desktop computer on your desk, you probably did not have a lot of room for much else. If you had the tower hidden under your desk, you probably had a lot less foot room thanks to the sheer size of these devices. Luckily just like mobile phones, portable hard drives and pretty much every gadget that existed a decade ago, developers have been working hard to reduce the size of these items and the burden of carrying them around. These days you can find desktop computer towers that actually take up less space than a traditional laptop. For example, Lenovo have a whole range of desktop computers called “Tiny”.

Whilst you might think smaller might mean less powerful, that is far from the case. These computers still have all the latest technology, including the fastest processors, large hard drives and sophisticated graphics chips. The only difference is these developers have worked hard to either make these components smaller or simply rearrange the layout of the computer to fit them into a smaller space.

No more tangled wires

As well as taking up a lot of space on your desk, a traditional desktop computer always used to fill the back of your desk with wires. As there were so many different components to the computer, each separate one needed at least one cable connecting it to the computer. Some components, like your computer’s speakers, even needed two different audio cables and probably also needed its own power cable as well. These days, desktop set ups need a lot less cabling to function. Your computer can connect to most things, like the internet, your printer and even your keyboard and mouse wirelessly. Separate computer speakers are also becoming less common, with most people opting for a monitor with built in speakers.

A lot more energy efficient

Another big problem with old desktop computers was how much energy they used. Not only would they cost you a lot of money when it came to your electricity bills, but there were a number of unwanted side effects of using a computer.

These included the sheer noise it produced, especially when undertaking difficult tasks, as well as the heat that used to come off the machine. The latter of these problems often either damaged the computer or even the desk that it was standing on. Luckily, developers have now solved both of these problems and you barely hear your computer’s fan working these days, if you have a more modern device.


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