Why do Venezuela’s opposition and the USA need war?
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Why do Venezuela’s opposition and the USA need war?

In addition to the human drama that an armed attack against this Latin American nation would entail for its own people, an armed intervention by the United States, or in conjunction with its Western and local allies, would have enormous repercussions throughout the continent.
It would turn it into a scenario similar to Iraq, Libya, Ukraine or Syria. This may be the result of some kind of large-scale military operation against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Painting heaven and  earth
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Painting heaven and earth

Paintings, says the author of the excellently well-illustrated “Heaven on Earth: paintings and the life to come”, are not propositions. They are to be looked at closely, with regard to their form and grammar, and the author proceeds to do just this with four late medieval and early modern artists: […]