‘Joker’,  for real
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‘Joker’, for real

It’s fair to say that the film, “Joker”, which I saw recently, has divided opinion. Some have praised the rare acting of Joaquin Phoenix, who lost weight to play the emaciated key part.   Steve Latham   Others saw the tale, of a revenge-seeking male loner, as a justification for […]

Boris Johnson - Caricature. Caricature by DonkeyHotey. Flickr bit.ly2JfYA1M. CC Creative Commons
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Boris is (still) Right… and wrong

The British Parliament passed a law, called the ‘Benn Act’, which required Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ask for an extension to Brexit negotiations, rather than leaving with ‘no deal’.   Steve Latham   Last week, he was forced to do this, but refused to actually sign the letter, and […]

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‘Chilenazo’ or the burning oasis

You have to go much further back to understand how, with or without the economic growth vaunted by Piñera who garnered the support of barely 25% of Chileans, inequality has survived over the centuries. Chile is among the twenty countries in the world with the worst income distribution. In Chile, MPs earn up to 25 times the average salary. And the problem is that in Chile this is not the only inequality.

Eugenics now
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Eugenics now

The BBC’s recent TV programme, “Eugenics: science’s greatest scandal”, examined the history of attempts to improve our species through selective breeding.   Steve Latham   Often identified with Nazi extermination camps, Eugenics was actually pioneered by social liberals, like H. G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, and John Maynard Keynes. Concerned […]