Julian Assange. Photo Flickt Thierry Ehrmann
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Fidel Narváez: “Those who think that they will break Julian Assange are mistaken”

Defamed, persecuted, harassed, and since March of this year cut off from the outside world, in Flat 3B, Knightsbridge, London, the founder of Wikileaks waits to learn the fate of his asylum status. It is a position that current Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno has put at risk, but Assange is built for battles of this size. The former Consul of Ecuador knows him well, and wanted to speak out.

The most promising markets to invest in
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The most promising markets to invest in

Trading is something that translates across cultures and nationalities. Money and value are understood across the world. This is why market trading is such a good way of making money for immigrants of all cultures. Money is universal. If you are looking to get into trading or you wish to […]

Hugo Chavez.  Photo Wikimedia Commons
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Remembering Chávez

Jorge Luis García Carneiro, governor of the Venezuelan state of Vargas, remembers the day on August 8, 1971, when he first met Hugo Chávez. It was the day those starting out as cadets in the Military Academy swore their oaths of allegiance to serve their country before the national flag. […]