TPIMS, just some amendments
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TPIMS, just some amendments

Control orders have been renamed with supposed adjustments, but in reality, they remain as controversial as ever. Erica Buist The power to make control orders was voted through in 2005 as part of the Prevention of Terrorism Act. It gives the government the power to restrict an individual’s liberty for […]

ALBA and the future of regional integration
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ALBA and the future of regional integration

Since its formation in 2004, ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas) has evolved significantly. Seven years on, the initiative has grown to include nine Latin American member countries from the Andean and Caribbean region. ‘ALBA and the Future of Regional Integration’ is a one-day conference organised by […]

eL ator y músico Ashley Walterss
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‘Peckham Heroes’

The most distinguishing feature in the artistic world of the multi-talented American, Jessica Voorsanger, is her passion for pop culture. All of her paintings, sculptures, clothes designs and installations are imbued with references to television culture and the theatre world in general. From the 14 January 2011 Peckham, located in […]

Tayloring classes and handicrafts
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The Golden Years is in danger

Already 24 years have passed since the birth of The Golden Years Day Centre in London, a social centre to help the elderly. After more than a decade of fighting, this association is in danger of disappearing if it doesn´t quickly find some new offices, given that the ones they […]