Protest against racially prejudiced laws
Migrants Struggles

Protest against racially prejudiced laws

The group “Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!” are calling on Tuesday 30th November a picket of Communications House, a government building in East London, claiming it to be perpetrating racist immigration laws.   Erica Buist   An Immigration reporting Centre, Communications House is where asylum seekers must go to sign on […]

The  ‘detainee escort services’ in the UK

The ‘detainee escort services’ in the UK

On 29 October 2010, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) announced a four-year, multi-million pound contract with Reliance Task Management to take over these services, both within the UK and internationally. The contract begins in May 2011, leaving G4S in control of these services until then—the company being investigated regarding the […]

Migrants Multiculture

The New Asylum Model

The Home Office has implemented a programme that will affect all Latin Americans. It is referred to as the Legacy programme.   Mario Marín* The Home Office, faced with a large volume of applications and unresolved cases, the majority of which are for asylum, has decided to create a new […]

Migrants to Europe
Europe Migrants

Migrants to Europe

In November 2010, the activist group for foreigners’ rights, Migreurop, released its second annual report, focusing on the authorities’ fight against migration in movement, detention and deportation. In 1999, the Sangatte refugee camp opened in northern France, and became a hotspot for controversy considering its location near the channel tunnel. […]