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Foto de Ernani Baraldi, Flickr
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Multicultural Lisbon for the visitor

According to official figures published in the newspaper Diario de Noticias this week, some of the largest immigrant groups in Portugal (population 11 million) are from: Brazil (120,000), and Ukraine (50,000). The west-African ex-colonies of Cabo Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé e Principe make up a total of 97,000 […]

The MERU and the woman
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The MERU and the woman

On Saturday 10 March the group “Ecuador in the UK” celebrates the fourth anniversary of its festival for International Women’s Day. This group, better known as MERU, is an independent political and social movement which was formed on 1 April 2007 and has since carried out activities and taken action […]