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Sylvia McAdam
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Sylvia McAdam: Canada and a devastated indigenous land

The recent passing of laws allowing exploitation of indigenous territories is causing irreparable damages to communities, communities who ask for respect for their sovereignty and their essencially life-giving natural resources. Benjamin Serra Sylvia is a direct descendant of one of the leaders who signed the Numbered Treaties between indigenous peoples […]

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I went to a seminar, at the London School of Economics, called, “London,  fractured identity or collection of neighbourhoods?” Steve Latham Organised by a new group called Citydiplo, it claimed to be discussion of local neighbourhood branding in London. The apparent question was whether London had a unified brand, or whether […]

Going back to basics with health
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Going back to basics with health

9th annual gathering seeks to promote more natural choices and bring people closer to nature in an age of fast food and rampant industrialism. – – Many people believe that our planet is currently reaching a crisis point. The human race’s unsustainable growth and demand for goods and services are […]