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Watching sports during the pandemic: what are the advantages?


 The pandemic gave people who were hoping to get into sports someday a golden opportunity. Lots of free time combined with indoor boredom and cabin fever means that many took the lockdowns as an opportunity to start watching football and other popular sports. And as far as indoor entertainment options go, watching the London football clubs compete for success is not a bad option.

If you haven’t tried making sports your lockdown companion yet, here are some of the advantages that sports offer over other types of entertainment.

1 – Sports are social

The rise of cable and subsequent streaming did take something away from us — gone are the days where everyone had something in common because they all watched TV and there were only four channels available. This meant that ludicrously high percentages of the population all watched the same show, giving friends and strangers something to talk about for the following week.

Very few shows still have that sort of impact. But big national sports events can do that for you. Being updated on sports events and news means you’ll always have something to discuss with friends and family, be it online or in person.

2 – Sports are relaxing

TV shows and videogames are often designed to leave the audience gripped and asking for more, which can be fun. But sometimes you just want to tune out and relax, and that’s when a low-stakes football game comes in handy. It gives you something to watch and listen to that doesn’t demand too much of your attention, and since most games are punctuated with the occasional exciting moment, you also won’t be bored out of your mind.

This places many sporting events in the sweet spot where they make for great background noise as you relax, eat something, or for you to leave playing on the TV as you do chores around the house.

3 – Sports are inspiring

You may not aspire to be a professional basketball player or even be interested in playing the game at all. But watching real people perform great feats of athleticism can be a good source of motivation and inspiration. And it might be just what you need to keep you going to the gym, help you stick to your diet, or just overall help you keep reaching for your goals.

Many high-level athletes are also very inspiring and kind on social media, so they can be a positive influence on your daily life even when you are not actively watching a game.

4 – Sports are live

There is not a lot of live entertainment going on right now, but some stadiums are being allowed to operate at a limited capacity. And you can also catch live sporting events on TV. If you are not big on online live streaming, sporting events are one of the few live entertainment options available on TV right now.

5 – Sports are exciting

Once you get into sports the big events can be incredibly exciting, enough that you’ll be thinking about it all week. And having something to look forward to — something you’re eager to watch and see the results of — can be a very pleasant experience.

Keeping up with ongoing tournaments can also help get you into a routine, which helps to counteract some of the negative effects of being locked inside with a limited number of entertainment options available.


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