How to Split Up Amicably


When you get into a relationship with somebody, you obviously hope that it is going to last the long haul. However, this is simply not always going to be the case.

When you split up, you want to do so in a way that is amicable rather than getting involved in a war of words and actions. After all, this is a person that you held a great deal of affection for at one point in time. Splitting up amicably can represent a significant challenge, but here are a few of the ways that you can make it more likely to happen.

Give the Relationship a Chance to Be Fixed

The worst situation is one in which one side of the relationship had no idea that things were going wrong, and it is suddenly sprung upon them. Therefore, you want to do everything that you can to give the relationship a chance of being fixed. This means having those difficult conversations about how you are feeling, which can represent a major challenge. In some situations, there is simply nothing that can be done, but in others, it may well put you back on the right track once again.

Work Out the Logistical Challenges

Beyond the emotional side of splitting up, there are all sorts of logistical challenges to work out as well.

This means sorting out your living situation, as well as splitting up any possessions that you have accumulated during the time. If there are kids involved in the situation, there needs to be a plan that properly protects them in the best way possible. Also, you may need to start looking into the divorce process if you are married. Ultimately, sorting all of this out at the earliest possible opportunity will help to prevent unexpected surprises from occurring further down the line.

Give Space for Feelings on Both Sides

There are bound to be all sorts of feelings that are thrown up along the way. Of course, you both need space to properly process the news and if you have a strong familial support network to rely upon, this will certainly help out significantly.

Be ready to protect the other person’s feelings as much as you possibly can. In some situations, there may need to be a third party who acts as a mediator and stops things from getting too out of hand.

Prioritise Physical and Emotional Health

It is often the case that physical and emotional health can end up suffering in the period immediately following the end of a breakup. Therefore, you need to make sure that you keep engaging in fitness activities, as well as eating right and avoiding too much of unhealthy substances such as alcohol. As for emotional health, time spent with friends and family can help out significantly, and you should also indulge in your hobbies and the other little things in life that help to bring you the sense of happiness and fulfilment that you need right now.

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