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4 GAMSAT Biology Preparation Tips


Preparing for the GAMSAT Biology component of Section 3 is no easy feat. After all, your score on this section of the test can make or break your dreams of becoming a medical student.

But with the right preparation, you can increase your chances of getting accepted to med school by boosting your GAMSAT scores.

The GAMSAT is a tough exam, and it requires a lot of preparation if you want to do well. The following tips can help you prepare for GAMSAT so that you have a good chance of getting a good score on test days.

1. Understand What Is Being Asked of You

One of the best things you can do to prepare for GAMSAT is to make sure that you understand what is being asked of you. Units are complex and will typically contain 2-5 MCQs, with new information often added mid-way through. It’s important to understand exactly how much time you have for each question and to know when to cut your losses and move on.

It’s also important to read all questions carefully and to keep an eye out for common devices used to try and trip up students – Double negatives in the answer options, questions phrased awkwardly, the use of “None of the above” as an option. It’s often useful to, if possible, talk to someone who has taken the GAMSAT exam before to get a better understanding of what you need to know and prepare for in terms of your Biology knowledge.

Do your research: Understanding what will be on GAMSAT will help greatly in preparation because it ensures that you focus your preparation on the right areas rather than trying to cover absolutely everything.

2. Read Textbooks

GAMSAT has numerous biology-related questions, so you should read up on subjects like biology, biochemistry, and organic chemistry beforehand. It’s important to have a good foundational knowledge to allow you to tackle questions and cut through all the extra details used to stuff MCQs.

Reading textbooks is an excellent way to do your research, as they usually contain thorough explanations of scientific concepts. If you struggle with specific topics, there are plenty of online resources available for further study. The balance of course is ensuring that you don’t get lost in the details – Remember that the GAMSAT exam is not designed to test your knowledge recall but rather how you apply concepts and principles to novel information and scenarios.

3. Get Used to Answering Questions Quickly

The GAMSAT exam is timed, so you’ll need to get used to answering questions quickly.

If you spend too much time reading or thinking about each question, you won’t have enough time left to answer all of them. During your studying, practice answering questions quickly without sacrificing accuracy. This is often best done by building up your stamina and skill – Start slowly without a strict time limit but as the exam approaches, make sure you build up to working under pressure, something sure to come up on test day!

4. Download GAMSAT Exam Study Materials Online

Taking practice tests is one of the best ways to prepare for GAMSAT. Study materials can be downloaded online or accessed with a free trial or account. These study materials and question papers are tailored to reflect real-life GAMSAT test questions.

Consider purchasing additional resources, such as books or subject-specific flashcards, which you can use to reinforce your studying. You can find helpful free GAMSAT Biology materials and advice at

Most experts recommend taking as many practice questions and exams as possible prior to taking the real test. Use these resources wisely by devoting a specific amount of time each week solely to GAMSAT study time.


Studying for GAMSAT is a difficult task and often a long journey, but it’s manageable. The trick to studying biology is to approach it from a logical point of view.

Work on building your foundational knowledge before you get into details and remember that biology isn’t just memorizing facts  – it’s putting those facts into a larger context that allows you to apply them in a real-world setting.

If you keep these things in mind as you study, getting ready for GAMSAT will be much easier.


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