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Style of Advert Advert Size Max Cost Per Week (ROS) Cost Per Week (ROC) Cost Per Month (ROS) Cost Per Month (ROC)
Leader Board 728 x 90 £500 £500 £1620 £1620
Wide Skyscraper 300 x 600 £490 £490 £1520 £1520
Skyscraper 120 x 600 £390 £390 £1270 £1270
Horizontal Banner 630 x 160 £340 £330 £1220 £1220
Rectangle 384 x 253 £340 £330 £920 £920

Medium Rectangle or Advertorial

Special Offer

300  250





Vertical Banner 192 x 253 £210 £210 £690 £690
Half Banner 384 x 60 £190 £190 £660 £660
Advertorial Post £350 350 £1400 £1400

ROS – Run of Site. Run of Site means an advert will appear anywhere on a web site.

ROC – Run of Category. Run of Category means a banner will appear within a specific category/section on a web site, or on the front page. (Only for special advertisement Special Supplements).

– Final Art: £30 plus Additional 3%

– Interactive Ad (link) Additional 3%

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About   The Prisma

Founded in December 2009, The Prisma is an independent and multicultural newspaper run by a group of professional journalists and experts as well as young and enthusiastic graduate people.

The Guardian newspaper featured a story about The Prisma!!

We are the unique bilingualEnglish/Spanish in the UK!! made by immigrants for immigrants.

  The Prisma aims…

  • To strengthen ties between the Latin American community, other immigrant communities and British society.
  •  To provide news and report on the cultural, social, political and economic situation in Latin America and Spanish speaking countries as well as the UK.
  • To highlight the values of people from these Latin American communities.
  • To provide information to refugees, asylum seekers, and other immigrants on the changes in immigration laws, their civil rights, everyday problems.
  • To promote interest in Spanish language by providing a bilingual paper that can be used as a teaching aid.
  • To offer training to immigrants and native residents in the UK as journalists, translators, proofreaders, photographers, designers and other professions.

Why to advertise in The Prisma?

  • The Prisma is the only bilingual (Spanish/English) publication in the UK focused on multiculturalism, the life of Latin-American immigrants, Spanish speakers, and on informing British and Latin American readers about their two societies.
  •  The Prisma has become an important and established channel for the communication of news, issues and many other aspects of Latin-American immigrants.
  • The Guardian newspaper featured a story about The Prisma, and has cited us as a source.
  • The number of visitors to The Prisma varies and has increased steadily in 1 year: The weekly number of readers varies from between 70,000 to in excess of 220,000.
  • The Prisma works through co-operation and relies on the support, solidarity and understanding of everyone involved. This opens for the first time a unique journalistic space in the UK.
  • We offer a variety of ways to promote your Business and services and prices start from as little as £30 per week.
  • We have a range of advertising options, including display and classified advertising, advertorials and ‘on page’ sponsorship. We understand that every business has different budgets and goals.