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Art protests

A German officer visited Picasso in his studio in Paris during the Second World War and there he saw Guernica. What he viewed as a swirling mess of shapes provoked him into asking the artist “Did you do this?” to which he received the reply “No, you did this”.   […]

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All else be damned

Adrian Johnston, the author of “Infinite greed”, is a professor of philosophy and his books and articles on Źiźek are essential reading but with long and sometimes abstruse sentences, they are not for the fainthearted.   Sean Sheehan   This book, about ‘the inhuman selfishness of capital’, is written in […]

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Literary realism

Terry Eagleton is a literary critic you can trust. He has read everything, his judgements are invariably sound and his humour is the icing on the cake.   Sean Sheehan   The subject matter of “The real thing” is fiction, mostly novels that come broadly under the umbrella of literary […]