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Literary realism

Terry Eagleton is a literary critic you can trust. He has read everything, his judgements are invariably sound and his humour is the icing on the cake.   Sean Sheehan   The subject matter of “The real thing” is fiction, mostly novels that come broadly under the umbrella of literary […]

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Fashion for everyone

Milan, the capital of European fashion, is the city where Daniele Tamagni was born in 1975. “Style is life”, a celebration of his off-the-catwalk fashion photograpohy, is dazzlingly eye-catching.   Sean Sheehan   In Kami, a tungsten mining village in the mountains Bolivia, Tamagni saw grinding poverty up close when […]

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Hamlet in Palestine

Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is difficult to pin down because multiple avenues of interpretation are embodied in the drama. The idea of there being one warranted meaning has to give way to a plurality of convincing but not always compatible readings.   Sean Sheehan   The play is a detective story, a […]