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Do not ask for forgiveness

Jorie Graham’s “To 2040”, which provides the title for her latest collection of poetry, is a terrifying vision of what comes after the ecological meltdown that the present economic order is hurtling us towards.   Sean Sheehan   The human sense of time’s passage is endangered, minutes become indistinguishable from […]

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Gimme shelter

Epics and mythical stories were good at visualizing beasts that only a hero or a god could defeat. Such creatures tend not to appear in modern-day novels but dementia could be described as a monster that hasn’t gone away, one that is continuing to grow more fearsome.   Sean Sheehan […]

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Lest we forget

Words like provocative, unruly, radical easily come to mind but seem inadequate when discussing Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the hyper-prolific filmmaker whose untimely death in 1982 signalled the end of a politically tumultuous period in German history.   Sean Sheehan   To be more exact, the history of the western half […]