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The Prisma is looking for volunteers, WordPress experts

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We are looking for volunteers, #WordPress experts.

The website of our newspaper is experiencing some technical problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Are you an ethical, motivated and good-natured person and do you think you can help us?
  • Do you want to support and be part of a unique, multicultural and bilingual (English/Spanish) British newspaper based in London?
  • Are you creative and know WordPress very well and can you use these skills to fix our website and even improve it?

If your answer is «YES» we would be delighted to have you in this ethical and independent project, carried out by volunteers from different professions and backgrounds.

  • The Prisma is a unique and pioneer media project in the UK in integrating people with different backgrounds and nationalities but connected with the same goal of contribute to make a better society by building up ties between different cultures that share English as a common language and also are interested in the Latin American and Spanish speaking culture and the defense of immigrants, workers, and any other vulnerable or minority communities.
  • Our aim is to strengthen the links between the Latin American community, other immigrant communities and British society.

You can send us your CV and a cover letter (in English or Spanish) to:


We would be happy to hear from you!


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