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Who are they?

“Who are they?” Could it be the State, whose ambition it focused on subjecting its population to torture? Could it be the State, the system whose rationale is to suppress and rule the masses?


Victor Ofosu


Perhaps, it is the system drawn and shaped for preserving the financial significance of the elite. “Who are they”? Are they the police, the army, legally responsible providing the apparatus to rule humanity? Are they the individuals, accountable for our legal system, the law makers and the Politian’s?

Could it possibly be the politicians who indulge himself in the pleasure of corruption?  Are they the individual subjecting our minds to the word freedom, whiles repressing our souls with polices aimed at restraining our individual freedom? “Who are they”? Are they our leaders, who subject the masses to stress and eradicate our human dignity?

Our leaders, whose greed have led many to the mercy of their brutal and barbaric army, the man and women of the force who overlook the need to protect the population from the extreme ideologies, approved by their commander.

Are they the elite, whose army murders and destroy society, in their endeavour to preserve and maintain power? Are they the individuals liable for the murders of the men and women of our armed forces? “Who are they”? They are those responsible for the tears in a mother’s eye.

Those accountable for the hunger and deaths of many children, they are those who preach equality, but on the contrary practice an ideology of divide and rule.

Those who encourage the notions of unequal distribution of wealth and alienation, they are the Multi- Nationals, liable for the destructions of our planet. They are the individual who fosters the idea of a utopian society, which, leads to destroy Mother Natures beauty.

Are they the NATO, the United Nations, whose manifesto entails protecting the world population? Is it the United Nations, a club of wealthy nations whose aim to regulation the world resource has prompted wars and revolutions?

“Who are they”? Could it perchance be the preacher, the churches, the Pope and the educational institutions who have lead the masses into a state of ignorance?

They are those who preach peace but practice a policy of hate.

Are they the individuals who are blinded by material wealth and live a life of hate, jealously, exploitation and envy? “Who are they”?

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