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Magil´s rebellious journey through Latin America makes it to London

As part of a tour through Europe presenting his book “Viaje insurreccional por América Latina*”, the well-known Colombian writer and winner of the Plaza & Janés Literature prize, Manuel Giraldo-Magil will be visiting London during the first week of March.


The Latin American Workers’ Association (LAWAS) has organised a meeting between the writer and the community for next Saturday 3 March at 2 pm. During the meeting, to be held in the London South Bank University, the writer will speak about his chronicle of discovery, conquest, colonisation, independence and the liberation of Latin America.

In an open debate with the public, Magil will propose a different vision to that which has previously been accepted as the history of Latin American, from its so-called discovery to what it looks for in terms of distinct democratic processes in the region.

For Magil, it is clear that “the historical misinformation that has been given in most Latin American countries, with regard to the so-called discovery and conquest, has hidden what was really an attempt to cover-up barbarism, recognising the contributions of the cultural unification that comes from within the colony”.

Viaje insurreccional por América Latina” is the first part of an ambitious project in which Magil attempts to take a second look at the historical materialism of Latin America. Spanning from the wars of independence and the struggle for liberation during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries; through to the social changes that have taken place at the end of the 20th century and during the first decade of the 21st.

It is with particular concern for this historical vision that Magil analyses the actual facts of the current freedom fight for a United Latin America.

Magil’s book tour is accompanied by a conference that offers a different view to the traditional history of Latin American since its so-called discovery, keeping in mind that the proposal goes beyond simple research, and includes undertaking fieldwork in the various democratic processes throughout the region.

About Magil

Magil has prolific literary work which combines theatre with other creative and cultural activities.

One thing is certain, the investigative journalistic work carried out by the Colombian writer, began with “Crónica oculta del conflicto”, presented in London and at the International Trade Fairs of Guadalajara and Bogota, in 2009.

Manuel Giraldo-Magil became known in the Latin American literary world with his first novel, “Conciertos del desconcierto”, winner of the Plaza & Janés Novel prize in 1981.

His work includes numerous texts in books, newspapers and Latin American and Spanish magazines.

At present, he is working on “La saga fantástica de Valmiki ”, a novel that modernises the Ramayana, the first epic poem of humanity, written by Valmiki before 500 BC.

Date:  Saturday 3 March – Time: 2 pm. – Place:  London South Bank University, Room L123B, London Road Building, 100-116 London Road, Elephant & Castle SE1 6LN.

More information:, 07412396713.

* Insurrectional travels through Latin America – not yet translated into English

 (Translated by Susan Seccombe – Email: ess.translations [@] – Photos: Pixabay

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