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A new book by John Hilary

A presentation of “The Poverty of Capitalism” will take place on the 21st of October in the Firebox Café, London. The book is about the economic crisis and the fight to be prepared for the ravages of the system.


John has worked for the last 20 years in the human rights and international development sector.

He is also Executive Director of War on Want, an organisation that exposes the impact of globalisation on workers and challenges the logic of the government and present-day large enterprises.

During the book presentation, there will be a debate in which Hilary Wainwright, Doreen Massey, and Francisco Domínguez will participate.

Domínguez is Secretary of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and an expert in US international politics.

Hilary Wainwright, who will also attend, is Research Director of the New Politics Programme at the Transnational Institute and Editor of Red Pepper, a popular British left-wing magazine.

Lastly, the scientist Doreen Massey is a student of globalisation theories, regional development, globalisation and an expert in present-day British economics.

John Hilary reveals the truth about transnational capitalism in his insatiable desire for expansion and accumulation. He exposes the myth of “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) and reveals the current fight for natural resources, labour rights and food sovereignty.

Whilst having little influence on socialism these days, the deep feeling of discontent towards capitalism, which gave rise to the origins of socialism, continues to be as strong as it was when it started.

This anger is due to great and serious moral deficiencies, which go hand in hand with modern capitalism, a model that is controlled by the enormous inequality in riches and in the opportunities of nations.

For this reason, society must ask itself if there is an alternative method to the current economic standard, a plan which avoids inequality between the rich and the poor.

Date: Monday 21st October Time: 6.30pm. Place: Cromer St, WC1H 8BZ London. For more information visit the website.

 (Translated by Susan Seccombe – Email: ess.translations [@] – Photos: Pixabay

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