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Talking about… other languages

On 14 June, NATECLA (the National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults) will hold a seminar about learning languages that are written and read from right to left.


The conference will attempt to open a debate between different linguistic professionals about the use, the investigation and the teaching of handwriting carried out contrary to the traditional sense which can be seen in languages such as Arabic or Hebrew.

To this end, the organisers have created three thematic points of discussion: the areas of use of handwriting from right to left with special attention to those found in the UK; the necessary materials for teaching and learning; and research relating to this type of handwriting.

In this way, an opportunity will be provided to explore the requirements of this type of teaching, and the best learning techniques for languages written right to left.

The invited speakers will be the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences from Manchester Metropolitan University, Sharon Handley and the Director of the Language Centre at the University of Manchester, John Morley.

The organisation organising the event is the National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults (NATECLA), a British organisation of professionals who teach  English as a second or foreign language, also known as ESOL.

This organisation, works to inform its members – who are involved in the educational field of teaching adults whose first language is not English – through workshops, seminars, events, conferences and publications, .

Date: Saturday 14 June 2014. Place: Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds LS1 3HE.

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(Translated by Susan Seccombe – Email: ess.translations [@] – Photos: Pixabay


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