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Beatriz Cámara: “The hardest thing is not having Madrid and my family close by”

Beatriz is a 37-year-old woman who has lived in London since 2003. “My life in Spain seems like a different lifetime,” she says jokingly, she jokes a lot.


Fernando Marin


Her family call her “the British member of the family” and now she can say that she is part of a new culture.

She was born in Madrid and spent her childhood in the popular district of Salamanca, in the heart of the City.

“It is hard to explain how you feel when you are there. I will never forget the streets smelling of roses and the sun coming through all the windows in my house,” she explains nostalgically.

However, at the age of 25 she decided to take a big step and live with the man who is now her husband, a Nigerian who at the beginning of their relationship was not accepted by Beatriz’s family.

“I met Abul on the South coast of Spain, he was trying to sell me a set of necklaces, at the time I never imagined that he would come to be the most important person in my life,” she say proudly.

He was not an immigrant as are many of those who are seen on the streets, starting new lives.

No, Abul was born in Nigeria but has lived in London all his life with his parents. He was joking with a friend about how they had bought so many necklaces (at one Euro each) for a party that night in their hotel. Suddenly Abu noticed Beatriz, started to talk to her and ended up inviting her to the party.

From then on they decided to keep in touch. “When I decided to move to London I had so many doubts and worries in my head telling me that I couldn’t do it, but my feelings for Abul were much stronger.”

Beatriz moved without her family’s permission and arrived in the capital city with no English and no idea about what to do.

Her boyfriend’s family helped her a lot and managed to help her get her first job in a café. After a year her own family came to visit her. Their relationship became normal again when they realized that she was happy. Now Beatriz travels to Madrid whenever she can to spend time with them.

Now, Beatriz and Abul run their own catering company together and they are both very proud of it.

(Translated by Jane Martin) – Photos: Pixabay

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