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A Noah´s Ark to save humanity

On the 25th of December, a ship will depart from Southampton destined for the islands of the South Pacific, to warn of their slow disappearance caused by the actions of mankind.


Entire nations are suffering the consequences of a slow rise in sea levels as global warming melts the polar ice caps.

Carbon emissions are pumped into the atmosphere and the burning of fossil fuels is one of the causes for the slow increase in the Earth’s temperature.

The human race, entire nations and all biodiversity and ecosystems of the planet are in danger of extinction. Scientists calculate that in the next 20 years, entire countries could disappear beneath great floods.

The “Noah’s Ark” project is a massive publicity campaign that intends to warn the world of this danger and also suggest solutions to stop the warming and ensure the survival of future generations.

The ship will head for the South Pacific Islands as right now, they are directly suffering this threat of nature.

Nations including the Marshall Islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu are disappearing beneath sea level.

The campaign will suggest measures for improving the situation and other viable ways for survival to ensure the lives of future generations on the islands before it becomes too late.

The so-called group of “eco-warriors” will form part of the Noah’s Ark crew and will be made up of people from different professional backgrounds who will help out on the whole project.

Collectively, the team will be divided into eco-activists, (renewable energies professionals), as well as sailors and mechanics. There will also be scientists, journalists, photographers and writers. There will be a crew of entertainers as well, including musicians, dancers and actors, also architects who will design the ship, and financial experts.

The “Noah’s Ark” project calls out to all those who may want to form part of this environmental awareness mission.

Those interested should contact “Nick Martian” on Facebook or visit the “Noah’s Ark” Facebook page.

You can also visit the website:, email:, telephone 0758 224 2300 or Skype: Ayuda Tierra.

Donations are also welcome in any form, be it food and fuel for the journey, or financial contributions to the cause.

These can be deposited into the Ayuda Tierra bank account at Barclays: sort-code: 208121 account number: 73304191.

As the organisation itself declares, “Thousands of islands are literally disappearing from the face of the earth and entire countries will also vanish forever. Global warming is flooding the world and threatens the human race with extinction and the end of life on Earth, long before the end of this century.”

Date: 25th December 2014. Place: Tilbury Dock at Southampton. For more information visit the Noah’s Ark Campaign Facebook page and at the website

(Translated by Susan Seccombe – ess.translations (at ) – Photos: Pixabay

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