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An environmental agreement that remains ineffective

Today we are on the cusp of total environmental disaster on our planet. Life in all its forms is deteriorating, and nothing is happening to change this despite a multitude of voices demonstrating for change.

John Elvis Vera S.*


Neither governments nor other responsible bodies are taking the relevant measures that are urgently needed to ensure the survival of human society, and the other living beings that we share our beautiful and diverse planet with.

Those of us who work in organisations trying to build a new and more civilised society in harmony with nature are becoming overwhelmed by the reality that is taking us day by day towards uncertainty and collective pessimism.

Our messages and proposals are not achieving the effect required to stop this massive destruction of life at its peak.

There are countless spaces where our call could be heard.

It’s not an easy task, in some countries like Colombia, where attempts to fight for life in all its forms often carry with them a high risk of despicable assassinations.

It’s becoming increasingly necessary for us to continue forcing the fight in political and social spaces.

We must exercise our right to determine the future of our society.

In every instance possible, we must take the opportunity to establish decisions which support the construction of a society we dream of and which is necessary.

One such space is the electoral process.

There, through determined non-participation, the blank vote as a protest exists as an opportunity to support and help to develop programmes that align with our fights and hopes.

Building an environmentally sustainable society requires social and economic justice at the same time.

This will only be achieved with complete democracy where we can all participate in the decisions which affect us individually as much as they do collectively.

Today we must decide which option we will take.

With it comes our right to determine our own existence, either as destroyers and dealers in death, or delivering the possibility of creating a viable planet for present and future generations.

*John Elvis Vera S. –

(Translated by Duncan Cordy – email: – Photos: Pixabay

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