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U.S lies aim to prolong the terrorist war in Syria

Since 2014, the United States has occupied a dozen bases in the north and east of Syria, displaced troops from Iraq, and, according to President Donald Trump, defeated the Islamic State, known as Daesh in Arabic. But these are lies.


Pedro García Hernández


With vague statements and no clarifications, the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the terrorist organisation ISIS, was announced at the end of 2019. His death took place in an area of ​​the Idlib province, where, coincidentally, another extremist organisation like Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, formerly Al-Nusra Front, is based.

However, there was not a single mention of the role played by the Syrian Army or the support from Russia, who expelled Daesh from vast areas of the Aleppo, Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor provinces, and defeated them in areas close to Damascus, including the former Yarmouk refugee camp.

At the same time, Syrian government forces were defeating the jihadists and confining them to almost two-thirds of the 6,100 km2 area that the Idlib province covers, amid an ongoing flow of extremists from the Turkish borders.

It was then that Washington decided to increase its presence in Syria, even evacuating several Daesh le

aders and letting the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who have their full support, assume the role of controlling them.

Between 2014 and 2016, US troops supported attacks by Kurdish forces against Daesh, and with no transparent information or clear data, ‘forced’ them to leave the territories they controlled in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, at the same time that Turkey was introducing troops and military equipment against the SDF groups.

In less than two years, the more than 5,000 members of the Islamic State left the regions they had occupied since 2014, including the town of Dabiq, which their own spokespeople defined as “where the battle will take place that will launch the end of time.”

The confusion implied that the SDF, protected by Washington, put 5,000 members of Daesh in jails in the areas, and did not explain that a similar number of their ‘fighters’ suffered casualties and, of course, did not enact the “battle of the end of time”.

Syrian and Russian military sources confirmed that US helicopters evacuated a large number of Daesh members, who, according to evidence, were not able not to confront Washington’s troops, but were able to take on the Syrian Army.

At the end of 2019, when Washington announced the death of Baghdadi and after securing entry points for its troops and supplies from Iraq, the United States, after being ‘defeated’ in Baghuz to the east of the Euphrates River for the benefit of the SDF, the Daesh ‘reappeared’ in the vast Al Badiya desert, to the south, to attack units of the Syrian Army located near Palmira and the east of Homs province.

The current situation

Throughout 2019 and so far in 2020, the Daesh has launched sporadic offensives against the Syrian Army and the oil and gas infrastructure that the Damascus government still maintains in those areas.

The areas of Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor, provinces bordering the Al Badiya desert, are now in the hands of the United States and the SDF, who, according to evidence, data and reports, are using Daesh as a containment force against Syria and its allies.

In reality, the facts show that Washington has resorted to premeditated disinformation and has managed to undermine Daesh’s leading role in overthrowing the legitimate government of this Levant nation.

According to analysts and experts, the United States is attempting to neutralise the atrocities and the desire for power among Islamic State terrorists, and shares Turkey’s support for extremist groups that are allegedly more moderate.

Daesh still exists, despite the limited role imposed on it, and is replaced by the National Liberation Front, formed and backed by Turkey with remnants of the former Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and supported by the United States.

However, all these key aspects of US operations are ultimately the result of long years of preparation by intelligence services in the West and some countries in the Middle East.

Indeed, in practice they are appear to be united by the aim to destroy the Syrian State, sabotage peace negotiations and prolong a terrorist war that has caused more than half a million deaths and mutilations, and economic losses of more than 400 billion dollars. (PL)

(Translated by Lucy Daghorn: – Photos: Pixabay

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