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Saint-Exupery, the companion of the wind

The life, emotions, conflicts and work of the Frenchman, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, have been summarised in a comic book backed by the foundation of the same name on the 120th anniversary of this writer.


Created by the scriptwriter, Pierre-Roland Saint-Dizier and illustrator, Cedric Fernandez, the volume combines details from texts like “The Little Prince”, “Night Flight”, “Flight to Arras” and “Southern Mail”, in an attempt to show the constant relationship between his adventurous life and literature.

120 years after the writer’s birth (29 June) and 76 years since his disappearance (31 July), the comic titled Saint-Exupery expresses in comic strips that which was classified as one of the most sensational lives of the era, with its ups and downs, without dodging the controversies that he was mixed up in.

According to the authors, each chapter, image and phrase is part of the reality shared in the biography and work of the writer-aviator, such as the comic strips throwing paper planes off a balcony in New York, the ones with the desert fox, the search for his friend Guillaumet, his radio address in November 1942 and his final flight in the P-38.

It has been an enormous effort, Ferndandez told local press, who also highlighted the detailed work that they developed to the point of “investigating the exact model of watch that he wore, the cars that he drove and the planes that he piloted”.

Split into sections, “The lord of the dunes”, “The companion of the wind” and “The kingdom of the stars”, the cartoon includes Saint-Exupery: the explorer with the Aeropostal, the one who risked his life above the deserts, who freed other captive prisoners, crossed oceans in rickety planes, took part in films; an inventor and war pilot. (PL)

(Translated by Donna Davison – Email: Photos: Pixabay

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