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Children die because of the blockade to Venezuela

At least six children have died while waiting to receive cancer treatment. The coercive measures adopted by Washington, that prevent Venezuela from acquiring medicines on the international market, made their wait longer. The rest of the world remains silent on this matter.


This was made public by María Eugenia Russián, the president of the Latin American Foundation for Human Rights and Social Development (Fundalatin).

The foundation warned that, at present, 90% of the children living in Venezuela and suffering from chronic illnesses are in danger of dying due to the US blockade.

Russián explained that various reports were sent to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, making her aware that the majority of children suffering from chronic illnesses in the aforementioned Latin American country don’t get the care and attention they need. Bachelet, however, has yet to comment on the matter. “Fundalatin has sent several reports to which no response has been yet obtained. It is necessary that the coercive measures applied by the US stop, as they cause so much harm to the Venezuelan people by preventing them from buying medication, supplies and food”, Russián pointed out.

She emphasised that the attempts to impose additional sanctions on the import of petrol and diesel have been criticised by the UN and has had a dramatic impact on the lives of populations as the fuel deficit affected the transport of medicine, food and the operation of power plants in hospitals.

The president of Fundalatin explained that the organisation she leads are aware of the Anti-Blockade Law, which is expected to create defence mechanisms that would protect the Venezuelan people against tough and unilateral measures. She stated that “human rights cannot continue to be used to generate oppression and war, one cannot continue to be manipulated by death and pain”. Lastly, she added that Fundalatin are studying the report about the truth in Venezuela, to make it known to the public and.  stated that “we should all support the right to live and contribute to have a better world”. (PL)

(Translated by Cristina Popa – Email: –  Photos: Pixabay


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