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Trump, the blockade and the US elections

Two events to be held this October will discuss a common topic: the blockade against Cuba. On the one hand, they will talk about the illegal nature of this cruel measure, and on the other, about the use that the president of the United States makes of it to get voters and obtain his re-election.


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Over six decades of implementation, the economic, commercial and financial embargo of the United States against Cuba has received the most diverse qualifiers, from unfair and criminal to aberrant and genocidal.

This measure based on hatred and political blindness has been executed by the last 11 administrations in the White House, but has not had the approval of all.

Across all these years, ordinary citizens, people in solidarity, diplomats and Heads of State or Government, both of the island and the entire world, have asked to end the blockade.

Even Washington’s most loyal allies refuse to support this policy which is based on the illusion that threat and blackmail will yield results with Cuba.

According to the French academic and essayist Salim Lamrani, the US siege constitutes a flagrant violation of the most elementary norms of Public International Law. And Washington increased its violation with extraterritorial laws that have generated condemnation on five continents.

Regarding the United Nations, the General Assembly, its main deliberative body and the only one where the 193 member countries of the organisation are represented on equal terms, has called for an end to the US economic embargo because its extraterritorial nature affects numerous nations.

However, the United States ignores these requests and is in fact committing a clear violation of human rights.

For all this, two events will discuss the blockade against Cuba: Smash the illegal US blockade of Cuba!, a protest, and Cuba resists! Trump, the blockade and the US elections, a zoom meeting.

Regarding Smash the illegal US blockade of Cuba!, this prostest is host by East London Revolutionary Communist Group – FRFI, North London Revolutionary Communist Group, South London Revolutionary Communist Group, West London Revolutionary Communist Group, Revolutionary Communist Group – RCG / FRFI and Rock Around the Blockade.

The organisers says that “For 60 long years, the US has imposed blockade on the Cuban revolution. US imperialism has attempted to overthrow the Cuban revolution ever since its triumph in 1959. The US is trying to strangle the Cuban economy, bringing extraordinary hardships on ordinary Cubans”.

And explain: “They are punishing the whole population of Cuba just so they can bring capitalism back into the island. Economic blockades are a type of warfare that kill people and harm livelihoods all the same by denying them access to essential goods like food, medicines or building materials.

“The Trump administration has strengthened the blockade while attacking Cuba’s allies in Latin America”, they say.

About the event Cuba resists! Trump, the blockade and the US elections the organisers (Rock around the Blockade, RATB) explains that in 2019 alone, the Trump administration introduced 86 new sanctions against Cuba; to starve the country of revenue, scare off foreign partners, create scarcity, and obstruct oil shipments from Venezuela.

“The US blockade cost Cuba $4 billion last year. The Trump administration has increased attacks on Cuba to secure victory in the key state of Florida”, they say and add that “the Cuban economy has suffered the loss of revenues from medical services exports, the decrease in US tourism in 2019, the freeze on international tourism due to Covid-19 lockdown and the fall in remittances”.

Guest speakers for this topic are: Cuban Ambassador to the US, Jose Ramon Cabañas;  Cuban Ambassador to Britain, Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez;  Gloria La Riva, Presidential candidate for Party for Socialism and Liberation, US;  Valia Rodriguez, Cuban medical scientist; Helen Yaffe, University of Glasgow, and a speaker from RATB

They will discuss the impact of the US blockade on people in Cuba and worldwide, and how revolutionary Cuba continues to resist aggression and inspire the world.

Dates and times: Smash the illegal US blockade of Cuba!October 17th from 1pm. to 3 pm in the US Embassy, 33 Nine Elms Lane, London SW11 7US. More information Facebook event.

Cuba resists! Trump, the blockade and the US elections: 29 October, 7 pm. To register click here.

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