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Million Mask March 2020, stand up for a change

It is an event that will be held on November 5 in London which seeks to be a collective voice of support for refugees, the black community and those affected by the cuts, as well as a condemnation of war and environmental damage, among other aspects.


The hosts are Expect Us UK y Anonymous London, two groups that join or promote collective causes that seek the defence of citizens whose rights are violated, mainly by governments and elites.

In what they hope will be a massive march, the organizers make it clear that they support “those who have felt the impact of the cuts, welfare reform, homelessness” and also “the black community as we see how racism runs through the establishment”.

Likewise, they express their support for refugees and all those human beings who seek to improve their opportunities, and oppose war and the killing of innocent human beings. “We reject the claim from governments that war is the only way to bring peace”, they say.  They believe that a new world is possible, but that “we must first dissolve the current system”.

They cite, for example, how in recent months, “many have joined movements that actively work with the UK police to later still be abused and assaulted for peacefully protesting.”

That is why they say that they will not accept any more abuses and that “it’s time to rise up and fight for humanity and the environment before we run out of time”.

Among the list of problems to be faced, the organizers cite environmental disaster, hydraulic fracturing of the  planet, war reform, austerity, elite paedophilia, racism, media prejudice, the sale of the NHS and  deliberate underfunding while underpaying NHS staff, among others.

For the day of the event, the organizers make it clear that they support the wearing of masks and compliance with social distancing policies, which they will update in the week leading up to MMM.

And they end by saying: “Protest organisers are becoming the target for creating events, we as the host of #MillionMaskMarch2020 need to advise all attendees to socially distance and wear face coverings on November 5th. This advice is still unlikely to help us avoid facing arrest but for the record we have updated you all”.

Date and place: Thursday, November 5, 2020, 6 pm. Trafalgar Square, London, UK. More information: Expect Us UK and Anonymous London


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