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Chileans take back their right to live in peace

The plebiscite was a symbol, backed by a population that made the whole world vibrate after remaining mobilised for more than a year during thick and thin.


Pierre Lebret*


Facing them, a government on the side of repression, making the darkest moments in the history of Chile resurface.

A movement that flourished in the spring, matured in summer and was not weakened despite the pandemic.

25 October 2020 will remain in the collective memory as the day in which millions of women and men took control of their destiny in Chile.

It was also an homage to the disappeared of the dictatorship, the fallen and wounded of yesterday and today.

The crystallisation of this uprising was also the result of the combination of many revolts, those by the students in 2006 and 2011, those for the right to health, those of the indigenous peoples. The demonic capitalism established by the Chicago Boys is taking the road to ruin.

This historic vote, this “approval” with more than 78% of valid votes, is a peremptory rejection of the neoliberal model, the source of all inequalities suffered by the Chilean people.

It is the desire to bury the authoritarian enclaves imposed by Augusto Pinochet that formed political, institutional, economic and social life for 47 years.

The referendum is, therefore, a first step, a great leap.

Then the election will come for those who will redact this new constitution, through the acclaimed mechanism of the Constitutional Convention, which will have parity, a world first.

Despite the health crisis and systematic repression, democracy is flourishing.

After Bolivia and Chile, will Ecuador follow? Latin America is at a strategic tipping point in its history, for democracy, human rights and social justice. People do not want to go back to the dark years. They want to take back the right to live in peace. (PL)

*Pierre Lebret: French expert in international cooperation and Latin American specialist.

(Translated by Donna Davison – Email: – Photos: Pixabay

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