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America must be ours

A week ago, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that it is time for a new coexistence between all the countries of the Americas.


Luis Manuel Arce Isaac


He said it and his reasons were more than convincing.

He said that the model imposed on the continent more than two centuries ago, characterised by invasions to put in place or remove rulers at the whim of the United States, is unacceptable and exhausted.

Obrador has said that there are unbeatable conditions for the countries of the Americas to move forward together, with no one left behind. (It is necessary to specify that Obrador is talking about the three Americas). He explained that we must put aside the dilemma of integrating with the United States or opposing it defensively; that it is time to express and explore another option: to dialogue with the US-American leaders, to convince and persuade them that a new relationship between the countries of the Americas is possible.

His demand, proclaimed in the emotional atmosphere of the ceremony marking the birth of the Liberator within the historic walls of Chapultepec Castle, a bastion of heroic resistance to the plundering of the United States in 1848 when it ‘bought half of Mexico’s territory, has a strong symbolic power.

The Mexican leader López Obrador combined the need for a change of mentality with unity for the economic and commercial strengthening of Latin America and the Caribbean, where the well-being of its peoples prevails, with the need to change the OAS – that monument to submission and mercenarism – for a truly autonomous body.

It is important how López Obrador reaches these conclusions based on the historical development of Latin America and the Caribbean in its process of decolonisation from Spain and the presence of the United States as a new hegemonic power, manipulating the ideals of independence through its Monroe Doctrine, which disintegrated the peoples.

Since then -the president said- “the United States has maintained a predominant influence in America, except for Cuba, a nation that has asserted its independence. To have resisted 62 years without subjugation is quite a feat.

“I believe that, for their struggle in defence of their country’s sovereignty, the people of Cuba deserve the Dignity Award”, he said.

The president has called for thinking about all aspects of unity with respect for the sovereignty of each nation, to think about the most suitable mechanisms for economic and commercial strengthening based on the planning of investment and labour policies, environmental protection and the well-being of their peoples.

These are real wake-up calls from America as a whole that must be addressed with the priority of their urgency.

America must be ours, without fear of recognising that the model applied for two centuries is obsolete, and events such as the Covid-19 pandemic show the validity of López Obrador’s reasoning that the time has come for a new coexistence between all the countries of the continent. (PL)

(Translated by Lizzie Dolan) – Photos: Pixabay

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