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History and identity from art

At 71 years of age, Alberto Lescay has carried out the majority of his work in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, his homeland. He has dedicated almost half a century to the world of monumental shapes, paintbrushes and colours.


His work can be seen in pieces such as the architectural complex of Antonio Maceo Revolution Square, the Cimarron monument and the work inspired by the Mother of the Homeland, Maria Grajales, among others.

However, his small format sculptures and pictorial series also stand out, which have been exhibited in Cuba’s prestigious galleries and museums, and in other countries, such as Mexico, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Germany, Jamaica, Brazil and Russia. A member of the Cuban Union of Writers and Artists, and of the International Association of Plastic Arts, Lescay recently received the National Plastic Arts Award 2021. This is another prize alongside the many others he has received during his life, including the Distinction for National Culture.

The sculptor, engraver, painter and illustrator received the distinction from the Cuban Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso; and the president of the National Plastic Arts Council, Norma Rodriguez, in a ceremony led by the Cuban deputy minister, Ines Maria Chapman, and authorities of the creative and political scenes in the country.

The occasion held in the National Museum of Fine Arts marked the start of a cycle of tributes which will continue until the end of this year, when the creator will organise a personal display at this institution.

Considered as one of the most prolific creators of visual arts in the Caribbean nation, Lescay has a body of work extremely closely linked to Cuban history and culture, evoking emblematic moments and characters from the country.

In this sense, his intense work in charge of the Caguayo Foundation stands out, which drives the collective creation of several cities in the country, through the installation of historically themed monumental or environmental sculptures. (PL)


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