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Communist Party banned in Ukraine

Although the ‘decommunization’ law was passed seven years ago, it was only concerned with condemning the communist regime and banning its symbols and propaganda. But finally, a court has ordered to veto this party.


The decision of a Ukrainian court to ban the Communist Party of this country has entered into force, the Gordon Internet portal reported in recent days, citing the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) Olga Sovguiria.

“More than six years after the approval of the so-called decommunization law, the Communist Party has finally been banned in Ukraine,” said the legislative representative before the Constitutional Court.

She recalled that this legal body of the Kyiv district decreed on 16 December 2015 that the political formation had to stop operating in the country, a decision that was suspended before an appeal filed in its defence.

At this time, the Court has rejected the consideration of that motion and gave warning about the cessation of its application, for which the ban on the Communist force begins to be in practice.

“During all this time, the Communist Party of Ukraine continued to exist and even received membership contributions, although it was excluded from the electoral process,” Sovguiria recalled.

On 9 April 2015, the Verkhovna Rada approved the decommunization law and by 23 July of that same year the Ukrainian Minister of Justice, Pavel Petrenko, approved an order that suspended the activity of the party, as well as its name and symbols, under the pretext that they did not meet the standards of the new legislation.

At the end of last month, a Bill was introduced in the Ukrainian Parliament that prohibited the candidacies for representatives or the presidency of members of the so-called “anti-Ukrainian” parties, as described by the Kyiv authorities.

The Communist Party of Ukraine, the Opposition Platform – For Life, the Party of Shariy and other political associations appear on the list of banned parties, according to the TASS news agency. (PL)

(Translated by Hannah Phelvin) – Photos: Pixabay)

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