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Reporting violence

Journalists and photographers of court reporting in Mexico decided to show their work to the public from another stage: an exhibition room where the graphic testimony of crime and death have their own voice. The exhibition will be open until 16 September.


The exhibition is called “Sweet Violence” and features three photographers and three journalists whose work is based on the police report in the press.

From the Fábrica de Artes y Oficios Cosmos (Arts and Trades Factory Cosmos), 40 images by Jai Cabrera, Ernesto Álvarez and Alberto Jiménez accompany texts by correspondents Elthon García, Samuel Luna and María Eugenia Martínez.

These are faithful testimonies of the violent events that took place in the capital of the Aztec nation and are organised into seven main thematic axes. According to the organisers, the exhibition reflects the collection of bodies, the experts on the scene, night-time settings, grim spectres of the episodes, criminal practices, evidence of grief and witnesses to the events or casual passers-by.

The purpose of the selection is to raise awareness of the daily aggression and to dignify the work of reporters and photographers, who are always exposed to countless adversities in the reflection of the news, according to the curator of the compendium, Alejandro Saldívar.

Saldívar affirms that the idea is not to feed the morbid curiosity of the spectators, but to make visible the unique gaze of the creators, the conscious construction of the scene through the use of light and composition and their peculiar way of perceiving pain and death.  PL

(Translated by Cristina Popa – Email: Pixabay

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