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Women, free from all forms of violence

The latest National Demographic and Health Survey of the National Institute of Statistics of Honduras reports that 20 per cent of women aged 15-49 in Honduras have been beaten or abused at some time since the age of 15.


The study adds that 16% of Honduran women have experienced physical, psychological or sexual violence by their spouse or partner.

And according to official data, Honduras ranks second in terms of violence against women, with a record of more than 600 femicides.

Likewise, according to studies by the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), the country ranks first in terms of violence indicators in Central America and third in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Faced with this reality, the Honduran government is now seeking to eliminate the high rates of violence against women. And it is doing so with the implementation of social programmes implemented by President Xiomara Castro.

The Honduran government is working towards this goal through comprehensive assistance and education, as well as harsher penalties for perpetrators.

In addition, it has launched the campaign “Free from all forms of violence”, whose main objective is to eliminate this scourge against Honduran women and to empower them in the fight against gender violence. (PL)

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