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Latinos and the Elections Act 2022

On Thursday 9 February an informative, multilingual seminar will be held for Latin Americans with EU citizenship and living in the UK who are eligible to vote. It will take place at Latin American House and is free of charge.


The Elections Act 2022 was passed on 28 April 202 and came into force seven months later, in October.

It was presented to Parliament by the former Levelling Up Minister, Kemi Badenoch, and its purpose was to reduce fraud in British elections.

Among the changes introduced by the law, for the first time in Britain, is the requirement for photo identification to vote in person.

It is a law that has generated controversy from the beginning and there are many aspects to of it to understand, as in the end it is the citizens who have to comply with it in order to be able to go to the polls. Therefore, the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Shout Out UK (SOUK) has launched a campaign to raise public awareness of the changes to voting rights introduced by the Elections Act, including the need for an ID card and the changes to voting rights for EU citizens.

To bring this information to the public, The3million and Shout Out UK are organising a series of events for EU citizens to find out how the changes introduced by the Electoral Act will affect them.

One of these events is “EU Londoners: The right to vote”. It will take place on Thursday 9 January and is aimed at Latin Americans with EU citizenship and living in the UK who can exercise their right to vote.

According to the organisers, “EU members will be affected by the Law in terms of who and how they can vote” and in this sense it is important to resolve questions and offer guidance so that Latin Americans can continue to exercise their democratic rights. To this end, Latin American House has invited the following speakers to its panel: Carlos H. Tapia (Latin American House), Marcela Benedetti (Refuge), Mauro Cruz (Irmo) and Rodrigo Correa (Brazilian Cultural Centre).

The event – which will be held in English, Spanish and Portuguese – will take place on 9 February at 6:00 pm. Venue: Latin American House, 10, Kingsgate Place, NW6 4TA, London.

For more information click here, and to register click here.

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