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Goodbye February 2023 Hello March ! And March we must! Never has it been so important to stand with our friends, neighbours, colleagues, children and parents. Scary times. #Justice4Workers.


Lizzie Fletcher / Unity News


Our public services have all been sold, including now our NHS it seems, transferring working peoples created wealth ever more securely into private pockets. Rampant corruption in every part of government and administration. The ‘medallion man’ at your local council is back with a vengeance! Remember them? Dripping gold necklaces and rings while handing out council contracts to their mates..

People may keep it very quiet, but many of us are only eating because of the charity of foodbanks or the solidarity of community kitchens, while the disgusting Coffey tells us to “work more hours” and eat turnips.

Our right to protest is being removed bit by bit, our unions are being outlawed, again! Where will it end ? 

We Know Where It Must End .. Here! Now!

#Justice4WorkersHowever you choose to fight what’s happening, fight we must, together, join a picket line.

Join a rally online.

Stand up and speak out.

Whatever you do, will make all the difference.


(Article originally published in Unity News)

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