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Imperialist sanctions kill

On the 18th of Feb 22, a giant Cuban flag was unfurled in Trafalgar Square, in the centre of London, in a protest to demand an end to US sanctions on Cuba.


Rock Around the Blockade


The US blockade is the longest and most comprehensive set of sanctions in modern history. Organised by Rock around the Blockade (RATB) with support from Cubanos en UK, the Revolutionary Communist Group and other campaigners, the event also demanded an end to sanctions on Venezuela which have caused the death of over 100,000 people, and the end to all imperialist sanctions imposed around the world.

Last year, RATB helped set up a new international campaign ‘1 cent for Cuba’ (#1c4Cuba) to challenge non-US banks and other financial institutions which implement US unilateral sanctions against Cuba in violation of the laws in those countries, which make doing so illegal.

Under the Trump administration, a suffocating 243 new sanctions and coercive measures were introduced, tightening the US blockade and suffocating the Cuban people, evening during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cuba has given solidarity to countries around the world, saving and improving lives. Now it is time that the world stands with Cuba to demand an end to sanctions.

In December 2023, RATB will be sending its 15th solidarity brigade to Cuba.

(Article published by Rock Around the Blockade/ RATB.)

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