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Latin Americans and elections: how and why to vote

Several informative workshops are part of a campaign carried out by the Coalition of Latin Americans in the UK (Clauk), with the aim of raising awareness among the Latino community about their democratic rights and how to exercise them, and to enlighten them on everything related to the 2022 Electoral Law. From 15 to 29 March.


Participating in the political life of the host country through existing democratic channels is not only an option for immigrants to exercise their rights, but also to become involved in the national life and contribute to changes for the benefit of the community.

Therefore, knowledge of democratic mechanisms and laws is of vital importance, especially at a time when the UK government and political class are discussing migration policy and working towards the next elections.

With this in mind, Clauk has organised a digital and face-to-face information and awareness-raising campaign with an intersectional approach targeting young, older and LGBTQ+ Latin Americans.

It aims to sensitise and raise awareness among Latin American Londoners about their democratic rights and how to exercise them; and to inform them in detail about the introduction of photo ID voting and changes to voting rights.

It also aims to ensure that those eligible to vote have an appropriate form of photo identification to vote or apply for a free Certificate of Electoral Authority.

The informative workshops will be held in person and online and will address specific topics: the new voter card and the 2022 Electoral Law. They will discuss the key changes to the law, the new requirement to present an approved photo ID in order to vote, and the importance of voting for Latin American communities.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive assistance in applying for a Certificate of Electoral Authority should they need it.

Round of workshops

Seven of Clauk’s member organisations will be in charge of these workshops open to the Latin American community: Latin American House, IRMO, Latin American Women’s Aid (Lawa), Latin American Women’s Rights Service (Lawrs), Voces Amigas de Esperanza (Voades) and Latin Elephant.

They will do so from 15 March, in a programme that is as follows:

For more information click here. To register virtually click here.

(Translated by Cristina Popa – Email: Photos: Pixabay

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